• PM comments on reports about Rustavi2

    Prime Minister of Georgia says he is not going to comment on the allegations regarding the attempts of the government to take control on the Rustavi2 Television. As some reports say, the death of the company founder Erosi Kitsmarishvili was one of the parts of this plan. Irakli Gharibashvili told one of the talk shows that these statements were groundless and absurd and immoral and he would not comment on them, however, he added that if the government of Georgia aimed at having a television under control, Bidzina Ivanishvili would not have closed a year ago his own television the Channel 9 a few days before the elections.
    `I will not comment on this absurd and immoral allegation. This allegation is absolutely unacceptable and groundless and I want to remind everybody, that if our government wanted to have an independent and own television, it is very simple - Mr. Bidzina Ivanishvili would not have closed his own television Channel 9 a few days before the elections last year. I will not comment the statements of these immoral people. The answers will be given by the investigation,` the Prime Minister said.


  • Kublashvili responds to Gharibashvili

    Prime Minister of Georgia Irakli Gharibashvili has slammed the Chairperson of the Supreme Court of Georgia for his silence following the statement of Ukraine`s former interior minister Yuri Lutsenko. Lutsenko was attending one of the hearings on the case of Vano Merabishvili, Georgia`s former prime minister, who is prison currently. In his speech he said that the judge was more afraid of Vano Merabishvili than Vano Merabishvili was afraid of the judge`s rulings.
    In his live interview with one of the Georgian talk shows, Gharibashvili said he felt insulted by this statement of some former Ukrainian official, he felt insulted as the citizen of Georgia, but was surprised after the chairperson of the supreme court of Georgia did not object to this statement and even made no comment on this.
    `Many ribald people attend hearings and make some irresponsible statements at courts and this is not a surprise for judges and they deal with such persons successfully. They even have a right to fine or oust a person, who says something wrong at the proceedings. I think that the judges need no defence from prime minister when they have instruments to do this themselves, but they need protection when there is an open attempt to oppress the judiciary,` Kublashvili said in response to the statement made by the Prime Minister.


  • Woman passenger robs taxi driver

    A woman robbed a taxi driver on Kostava Street in Tbilisi last night. The taxi driver abstained from talking about the details of the crime, but reportedly, the woman asked him to buy medicine at the drug-store and when he got out of the car, she stole 200 GEL cash from the car and ran away. The taxi driver called for the patrol police. The criminal case has been built up on the fact of robbery.

  • SSPS ex-accountant interrogated

    Tbilisi Prosecutor`s Office has interrogated the former accountant of the Special State Protection Service. Gogi Isakadze was held at the prosecutor`s office for six hours; however, after leaving the office, he did not specify the case about which the detectives had questioned him. He only confirmed that he was summoned to the prosecutor`s office regarding his service at the Special State Protection Service of Georgia.

  • Candidate for culture minister responds to allegations

    Mikheil Giorgadze, who has been nominated as the candidate for the minister of culture of Georgia, had to respond to the allegations on the day of his nomination - the allegations refer to the activities of the Eastern Promotion Company in the period, when the minister of culture was Nikoloz Rurua. The National Audit Service says the conclusion of the 2013 reports the financial violations in the agreements signed between the ministry and the company, namely, in the financial accounting carried out for the conduct of the Batumi Jazz Festival. The head of the Audit Service says the company was funded with GEL 1.368.000 of which the festival expenditures were only 1.104.000.

    Mikheil Giorgadze has already responded to the allegations, saying the company`s financial activities had been inspected several times since that festival and the corresponding offices did not express suspicious about their activities.

  • Candidate for the minister of culture nominated

    Prime Minister of Georgia Irakli Gharibashvili took a decision to nominate Mikheil Giorgadze as the candidate of the Minister of Culture, after the consultations with another proposed candidate, Kakha Kandelaki, who was supposed as the most-likely new minister of culture.
    Prime Minister negotiated with Kandelaki, who together with Mikheil Giorgadze, is the founder of Eastern Promotion Company. Mikheil Giorgadze is the general manager of the company, the member of the board of directors of the Tbilisi Concern Hall, general producer of the Georgian Public Broadcaster, consultant to the London BPR Production Art Management Program, adviser to the economic department of the Cabinet of Minister of Georgia.


  • CEC summarizes election runoff results

    The Central Election Commission has summarized the results of the second round 2014 Municipal Elections. At the meeting, Tamar Zhvania, the CEC Chairperson and Gizo Mtchedlidze, Commission Secretary signed the summary protocol of the second round of Tbilisi mayoral elections.

    Davit Narmania, the candidate of “Georgian Dream” was elected as Tbilisi mayor, who received 72, 47 percent (222 066 votes) in the second round elections, and Nikanor Melia, candidate of “United National Movement” gained 27,53 percent (84 350 votes).

    At the same meeting, the note was included in the meeting protocol on the persons elected (the document is available only in Georgian) as gamgebelis of 13 municipalities and mayors of seven self-governing cities according to the summary protocols drawn up by the relevant election commissions and entered into the force.

  • Foreign Minister delievers speech at EP Ministerial

    Foreign Minister of Georgia Maia Panjikidze has participated in the meeting of the foreign ministers of the Eastern Partnership in Brussels. The Georgian Minister delivered a speech at the conference and focused on the new phase of cooperation between Georgia and the European Union following the signature of the Association Agreement. Maia Panjikidze introduced the plans of the Georgian government for effective implementation of the agreement and the mechanisms, which will be applied in this process.
    `I asked the members of the European Union to conclude the process of ratification in time. I said that from September 1st, we are starting the temporary use of the Association Agreement and mostly focused on the implementation and the instruments, which were set up specially for this process,` Maia Panjikidze told Georgian journalists after the ministerial.


  • Arrested ex-mayor posts on facebook

    Former mayor of Tbilisi, Gigi Ugulava, who is in prison for various charges now, has posted on facebook regarding the death of one of the founders of the Rustavi2 TV Company, accusing the former prime minister Bidzina Ivanishvili of trying to take control over the television.
    `Erosi Kitsmarishvili was killed and it was an ordered assassination and it was directly connected with the campaign aimed at depriving its owners off the Rustavi2 television and this campaign is half-secretly in progress,` Ugulava wrote and added that Ivanishvili has a direct interest to take control of Rustavi2.
    `He plans to follow the court procedures and conclude the processes only after taking full control of the judiciary, this is to happen about in a year. This plan had only one brake and it was Erosi Kitsmarishvili,` Ugulava asserts.
    Erosi Kitsmarishvili was found dead in his car parked in his garage on July 15th. According to the preliminary conclusion, it was a suicide, though neither family, nor opposition believes that he could have killed himself.


  • New cabinet to be presented to President soon

    The new composition of the cabinet will be presented to the president of Georgia for approval only after the candidate for the minister of culture is nominated. The Prime Minister nominated six candidates leaving the position of the culture minister vacant yesterday. He said the consultations with several possible candidates were in progress.

    In his turn, the president has a week to approve the new cabinet and present it to the parliament, which also has seven days for final approval, after which the ministers will assume the offices.

    The lawmakers will assemble at the special session arguably by the end of the week to discuss and approve the new cabinet, which needs support of at least 76 MPs.