• Energy Regulatory Commission to revise electricity consumption tariff

    The National Energy Regulatory Commission will hold a session to revise the price of the electricity power tariff under the request of the energy distribution company Energo-Pro-Georgia. The Energy Ministry officials rule out growth of the electricity consumption tariff, however, they speak about the possible change of the cost of components, of which the tariff consists.
    Minister of Energy Kakha Kaladze has also denied the reports on the possible growth of electricity cost. The Minister said the tariff has not been revised since 2006 and it will happen now under the request of the power distribution company.


  • IS to investigate the activities of municipal companies

    The Investigation Service of the Ministry of Finance has started the investigation of the activities of about ten organizations, which cooperate with the Tbilisi city hall. Following the inspection started at the funeral bureau Hermes two days ago, the inspection is currently in progress in about ten other companies, including the Sport Palace and the Gldani Swimming Pool. Mayor of Tbilisi Davit Narmania has confirmed that the IS started inspections under his assignment.
    In each case the inspection is related to the suspicious financial activities, embezzlement and tax evasion. The investigation service abstains from going into the details of the inspections at municipal companies.


  • Parliamentary delegation wraps up visit to Lathin America nations

    The visit of the Georgian parliamentary delegation to the states of Latin America was concluded with the meeting of David Usupashvili and the Speakers of Chamber of Senators and Chamber of Deputies of Argentina.
    Georgian senior law enforcer spoke about ongoing political processes and positive news in Georgia expected after signing EU Association Agreement.
    The parties agreed that Parliamentary cooperation is of utmost importance and set up of friendship groups will further enhance cooperation. As the hosts noted, geo-political location of Georgia is very attractive for future cooperation in terms of business and economic relations.
    The meeting was attended by the Chairmen of Committees of Argentinean Parliament who expressed their opinions about cooperation and joint projects. In the end the parties exchanged the presents and had a tour in the Parliament building. The Georgian delegation is composed of Giorgi Baramidze, Tedo Japaridze and Heads of Argentina and Paraguay friendship groups, Gigla Agulashvili and Giga Bukia.


  • Prime Minister hosted by speaker of Armenian parliament

    Prime Minister of Georgia, Irakli Garibashcili met with the Parliament Speaker of Armenia Galust Sahakyan within the framework of official visit to Yerevan. The parties discussed the issue of deepening friendly relations and cooperation between two countries.
    The importance of "Friendship Bridge" was highlighted, which will be constructed with support of Georgian and Armenian governments on Sadakhlo Customs point.
    The discussion referred to the necessity of making cooperation between legislative entities of Georgia and Armenia more active.
    "It is a great honor for me to meet with you. Our countries have much in common. Georgia and Armenia went through a difficult way during centuries and we proved that we are not just neighbors, but we are friends as well. My visit is an evidence for that. I am ready to deepen our relations. We are looking forward your visit in October," Prime Minister of Georgia applied Armenian Parliament Speaker.  The meeting of Irakli Garibashvili and Galust Sahakyan were attended the members of Georgian delegation and the representatives of the legislative body of Armenia.

  • Finance Minister forms special commission for Kazbegi check-point

    A special commission has been set up under the order of the Minister of Finance of Georgia, which is in charge of studying the situation at the Kazbegi customs point. The customs point on the Georgia-Russia border was flooded by the disaster that hit the Dariali Gorge two days ago. The commission has to register the damage and draft the response activities to provide the resumption of the normal operation of the customs. Minister Khaduri will supervise the work of the commission.
    The landslide that hit the area two days ago was triggered by the torrential rains in Georgia`s remote region of Kazbegi. Currently, the special vehicles are working in emergency regime to clean up the motorway and restore the traffic.


  • Penitentiary Ministry denies reports on riot in N6 prison

    The relatives of the prisoners held at the N6 prison in Rustavi, spent last night outside the prison after they learnt that there was riot inside the jail. The convicts` relatives said they were also told that the ministry officials sent the riot and patrol police crews to the prison.
    The Ministry of Corrections and Legal Assistance and the penitentiary department have denied the reports on disorder in prison; however, they say that the prison administration called for the patrol police crews as a preventive measure.
    The ministry officials abstained from more details about the reported disorder in N6 prison; neither have they confirmed the transfer of two convicts from N6 to N7 facility.


  • Man`s body found in Vladikavkaz to be identified today

    The law enforcers are waiting for the conclusion of the expertise to identify the body of the man cast ashore by the river Terek on the territory of Vladikavkaz, Russian Federation last night. They do not rule out that it can be the 36 year-old Turkish national, Hakan Ildirm, who was employed by the Turkish contractor company as an operator for the Larsi Hydro Electric Power Plant construction, who is considered to be missing after the landslide that hit the Dariali Gorge two days ago.
    The company management has confirmed that the employ is missing since the disaster, but they cannot confirm his death until the body of the man found on the territory of Russia is identified.


  • Road cleaning works resumed in Dariali Gorge

    The road cleaning works have been resumed early this morning in the Dariali Gorge, Georgia`s remote region of Kazbegi, which was affected by the heavy landslide caused by torrential rains. The road department personnel works intensively, however, they cannot say when the traffic will be restored on the Larsi-Stepantsminda motorway. Geologists remain at the disaster region exploring the area for determining the response activities.


  • President arrived in the disaster affected Dariali Gorge

    The President of Georgia arrived in the disaster affected Dariali Gorge, where he met with the four ministers observing the response activities at the site. Giorgi Margvelashvili observed the construction infrastructure destroyed by the mudslide and flood that hit the remote region of Georgia last night.
    `It is important to provide the completion of the road cleaning works in time, because they have strategic importance. The issue of the gas pipeline is also very significant, because it provide gas transit to our brother nation of Armenia. Now we know that everything will be restored soon. The Prime Minister is in Armenia currently and it is important for him to know that our Armenian friends will face no problems of gas supply,` Giorgi Margvelashvili said.


  • Georgian private named as the best soldier in Afghanistan

    Georgian military serviceman was named as the best soldier in Afghanistan for his devotion and successful accomplishment of assigned tasks. Private Levan Margvelani from the Special Mountain Battalion was named as the best soldier by the ISAF Command. Commander of RC- South Major-General M. Bills granted him special certificate for his outstanding work on the Camp Pasab. Georgian military servicemen accomplished their mission on the Camp Pasab and returned to their location on Kandahar Airfield.