• Saakashvili`s property seized

    The property of Georgia`s former president Mikheil Saakashvili has been seized - the lawyer of the ex-president, Otar Kakhidze has confirmed. According to him, the court seized the property registered on Saakashvili, on his wife, mother and even grandmother.

  • Government approves amendments to the gun laws

    Georgian gun laws will be amended under the draft amendments approved by the government of Georgia today. The draft of the amendments was prepared by the Ministries of Interior and Justice jointly under the instruction of the Prime Minister and was adopted by the cabinet at today`s meeting.

    According to the document, a person who seeks to get a license for purchasing, keeping and carrying fire gun, will have to pass special tests, including a psychological one.

    `Any person, who tries to get the license for purchase-keeping and carrying of fire gun, will be obliged to pass theory and practice tests; their psychological characteristics will be also assessed and only afterwards the decision on issuing license will be taken,` Tea Tsulukiani said.

  • Dismissed personnel of Opera House accuse director of incompetence

    The dismissed staff of Zakaria Paliashvili Tbilisi Opera and Ballet State Theatre accuses the art director, Davit Kintsurashvili of incompetence and object to their dismissal from the theatre. The grand-son of Zakaria Paliashvili, Vakhtang Gordeli-Paliashvili says he was dismissed from the position of the ad material coordinator without explanations. He also says that davit Kintsurashvili treats the staff of the theatre cynically and at the same time, he cannot uproot the problems that have troubled the theatre for many years.


  • Georgia, Ukraine, Moldova granted major non-NATO ally status

    The United States Senate has granted Georgia the status of major non-NATO ally. The United States Senate Committee on Foreign Relations has approved the new legislation bill, which recognizes these three countries as the major non-NATO allies.

    The support act will enable the U.S, administration to impose sanctions with respect to the Russian Federation, to provide additional assistance to Ukraine, and for other

    The committee members were discussing the draft bill for three hours and it was finally approved by the majority.

  • PM reported on process of humanitarian assistance to Ukraine

    Prime Minister of Georgia Irakli Gharibashvili required detailed information about the humanitarian assistance provided by the Georgian government to Ukraine and the state of the children, brought from Ukraine`s eastern regions to Anaklia camps.
    At the meeting of the Cabinet today, State Minister for Diaspora Affairs Gela Dumbadze told the Prime Minister that the children were warmly welcomed in Anaklia.
    The head of the government has also questioned the Health Minister about the medications sent to Ukraine from Georgia. Davit Sergeenko said the consignment was delivered to Ukraine and that he had permanent contact with his Ukrainian counterpart.


  • Scotland says `no` to independence from UK

    Scotland voters have opted to continue as part of the United Kingdom after 307 years in an historic referendum vote. The voters at yesterday`s referendum had to answer only one questions "Should Scotland be an independent country?`
    With just one centre of 32 remaining to report, 55.4 per cent of voters had voted No to independence, with 44.6 in the Yes camp.
    The No camp was celebrating the results of the referendum whole night.
    British Prime Minister David Cameron, speaking outside 10 Downing, expressed satisfaction at the result and said it was time for the United Kingdom to move forward. He has already voiced his initiative to enhance the autonomy to Scotland.


  • IDPs continue protest at the mayor`s office in Poti

    A dozen of IDPs have gone on hunger strike after intruding into the building of the Poti mayor`s office yesterday. The protestors urge the municipal government to provide them with apartments in the newly built blocks of apartments in the city.
    The police tried to convince them to leave the building after the working hours were over yesterday, but the women resisted to the officers. The process grew into a clash between the police and the IDPs. A member of the local branch of the National Movement joined the protestors last night.


  • Police searched Tsotselia`s apartment

    The police officers searched the house of Zaza Tsotselia and took away his computer, CDs and Ipad. Tsotselia is the person, who recorded the video footage of the conversation with Lali Bitsoshvili, the lawyer of the Rapaliantsi family, whose 10 month-old child was drowned in the underground clay container on September 30, 2012 and the case has not been investigated so far. In the released footage released by Tsotselia`s lawyer, Romeo Sajaia, Bitsoshvili talked about the involvement of the Georgian Dream coalition in the death of the child, however, today, Bitsoshvili denies the fact and says the video was recorded under pressure.
    Tsotselia`s lawyer says the police probably suspect his defendant of saving more video in his apartment.
    Tsotselia admits that he recorded Bitsoshvil`s conversation under her own consent. Tsotselia has been already interrogated regarding the scandalous video.


  • How seven became twelve?!

    Relatives and friends of Tengiz Eristavi are holding a rally outside the police main division in Tbilisi objecting to the change of facts in the charges filed against the defendant.

    It turns out that the number of Subutex pills written in the detention document was seven. The number was the same in the press release of the interior ministry published on the website on the same dat. It said that the police seized seven pills of Subutex drug as a result of the body search of Tengiz Eristavi.

    Today the defendant was charged with purchase and keeping of narcotic drugs and the lawyer found out that number 7 was changed with 12.

    The relatives say Eristavi did not have drugs with him and it was the police who put the pills in his pocket. They also assert that his detention is connected with the murder of his friend Lasha Makharadze on Abashidze Street earlier this month.


  • President Margvelashvili hosted French lawmakers

    The President of Georgia has held a meeting with the members of the Georgia and Caucasus Friendship Group of the Senate of France today. President Margvelashvili and the chairperson of the Georgia-France Inter-Parliamentary Friendship Group, Allain Gournac discussed the current relations and the prospects for further cooperation between Georgia and France. They also stressed the importance of the friendly relationship between the two nations.

    The significance of the support of French lawmakers for the process of EU Association Agreement ratification was also emphasized.

    The regional security issues and the crisis in Ukraine were also reviewed at the meeting.